iPhone, iTouch, iPod Stylus Pen, the most sought after accessory for the iProduct range!

Welcome to iPhone pens where we offer one of the best iPhone Stylus pens for your iPhone engineered and designed to interact with the iPhones touch screen technology, remember, that a standard Pen stylus used for PDAs, phones will not work with iPhone technology and could even damage the iPhone. Our pens also work with iPod, iTouch and all iPhones and other PDA’s and phones! iPhones use capacitance Touch Technology and require a Stylus Pen that emulates the natural flow of electrons in your body and fingers so the impedence of the stylus pen must mimic nature otherwise it will simply not work!

As one of the world’s leading suppliers of these special pens, we supply not one, but two for a massively discounted price of only £9 These originally retailed for £19.99 each, but due to the large demand of our special products we have halved the cost and thrown in an extra spare pen for good measure! These are british engineered and manufactured, good quality products that will last the test of time!

We ship anywhere in the world and the product is dispatched with 48 hours!

Shipping cost is only £2.75 anywhere in the world.

Why a Pen Stylus for a touchscreen iPhone you might ask, well, if you have a iPhone, try typing using your fingers and you will soon know why! Here is another few reasons though;

*You have not got the nimble fingers of a young child!

*Avoid scratches and smear marks by using a Stylus Pen.

*You like to use your iPhone when its cold, the iPhone does not work with gloves on your hands!

*You have just had your nails done and don’t want to damage them!

*Some companies are selling inferior designs that can damage the iPhone, but the ones that are genuine retail at £24.99 for just one Pen plus P&P

Take a look at this video to show how a Pen Stylus interacts with the iphone quickly and efficiently without leaving fingermarks all over the screen without hitting other icons and letters by accident. Over 85% of iPhone users use a Pen Stylus!
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